Winter Sale Highlights

Our winter sale is finally here and we have some top suggestions to make sure you don't miss out on the best deals!

1. Shackets:  If you haven't succumbed to the Shacket Craze you must be hiding under a rock somewhere!  Due to supply chain challenges this year a lot of our winter stock arrived late... which means super savings for our VIPs.  Visit our Winter Sale section on the site to find these amazing and cozy finds.  

2.  Sweaters:  Whether it's cardigans, oversized sweaters, or our slouch sweaters, you will find a great buy and a staple to use year round in Washington's chilly weather.  Pair it with one of our new spring dresses or utilize it for your spring outerwear and you're set!

3. Leggings/Biker Shorts:  We finally were able to restock our leggings but of course it's Spring and you'll be wanting biker shorts.  Luckily for you they are both in stock!  Grab the biker shorts for only $10.  \

4. Bralettes:  These are always a staple but we might have gone a little nuts on new styles.  Overboard = sale!  Grab some of new styles for a great price and stock up for summer.

5.  Parkas:  We had a rush on our Parka sale last week but there are still some great finds in the sale rack for just $10!  You need to come look and try on to find the best size for you.  Some of them run a little smaller so you may want to size up.  Once you secure the perfect fit you'll be hooked on their quality and great accents.

We look forward to seeing you in store or serving our online shoppers for this incredible sale.

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