2023 Updates/Changes at My Pampered Life

Hello 2023!  We have had a roller coaster ride over the past year and have tried to keep up with city construction, economic low tides, inflation, shipping and container charges, and everything else you can throw at a small business!  Our little town also suffered a devastating fire that destroyed 3 businesses completely and negatively affected many others with smoke and water damage.  BUT, we are resilient!  (#sumnerstrong)

In wading through these waters, our little brick and mortar is going to be making some changes for this year that will affect our hours/days open.  We will open Wednesday - Sunday every week.  Hours will be 10-4 W-Sat and 11-4 on Sunday.  We expect to keep this schedule through the year and then re-evaluate towards the holidays if things are picking up. 

On a very POSITIVE note, we've added a drop-shipping option to our store and are working with a partner in Los Angeles with a HUGE warehouse and over 4 million dollars in inventory for us to ship from.  This is increasing our offerings by 20 fold!  The best part is that you can have the items shipped to our store by choosing "Local Pickup" at checkout and avoid any shipping charges.  We'll notify you once the items are in and you can try on in store and verify you LOVE your purchases or just return the ones you don't.  For our out of staters, the shipping will take around 5-8 business days to reach you.  You'll know the item is "not" stocked in our store if you see the words "online-only" next to the title.  Those without these words, will be "in stock" in Sumner.

We know you'll love the variety and quality of our new options/brands and are excited to bring in some new decor and candle lines exclusive to us for you to enjoy!  So many fun seasonal items and a new store layout will make it worth a January visit to be inspired and see "all the things."

New days/hours will start on January 16th (closed Mon/Tues. then open Wed- Sun).

We are so excited to continue to grow our online presence and are also introducing collaboration opportunities for those with 10,000 Instagram followers or more!  If you know someone that you think would love our brand, encourage them to visit our website and click on "Collab Opportunities."  We're just launching our first influencers over the next couple of weeks and looking for more!  

Happy New Year to all of you and thank you for always supporting our small woman-owned business that strives to offer you the most unique and fun fashion and decor!!



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