Spill Proof Snack Cups for Toddlers

DESIGNED WITH MOMS & BABIES IN MIND: No cups on the market have a clip on lid! This way you won't lose it while you are on the go.

Who doesn't love a cute silicone snack cup? This is the best spill proof cup for toddlers! The two handles are perfect for little hands, and the clip on lid will assure a happy parent who doesn't have to go searching for it. The flanges are soft enough for hands to reach in and grab snacks, but hard enough to keep the snacks from all falling out. A no mess, no spill snack cup for toddlers and babies!

CONVENIENT AND SAFE: This snack catcher has soft flaps making it easy for little hands to reach inside, but is still spill proof.

FITS IN CUPHOLDERS: The sleek collapsible design can fit in Cup Holders when it is unfolded, and creates easy storage when it is collapsed.

NON-TOXIC: It is 100% Silicone, BPA Free, Non Toxic and Easy to clean; just wash with soap and warm water.

DURABILITY:100% Silicone will not break! Unlike the plastic parts that are on other types of snack cups.

Color Camel