Luxury Healing Bath Salts with Magnesium ~ Sweet Dreams

Our bath salts soothe muscle pain and stiffness, aching joints and stress. Reduce anxiety. Sleep better. Bath salts with magnesium can help circulation problems and headaches too. As far as psychological health benefits, many use bath salts to subdue anxiety and stress, it makes bathing a very calming experience. Sweet Dreams- Lavender Vanilla Orange Mimosa- Wild Orange, refreshing, topped with real oranges Oatmeal, Milk n Honey- Colloidal Oats, Milk & Honey Strawberry Fields- Juicy strawberry scent w/real strawberries Epsom salt -alleviates aches. Dead sea salt- great for hydrating dry skin by exfoliating dead skin cells, which allows new cells to regenerate. Pink Himalayan Salt Our calming and body detoxifying salt blends are is infused with 3 salts, and healthy minerals that aid the removal of toxins and impurities out of the body. Magnesium improves circulation Relief from headaches Help soothe dry skin & conditions such as eczema psoriasis and acne. Joint pain relief
Title Sweet Dreams